Customer Service ~ It matters.

Customer service is more than making sure the customer is right!  I have heard that so many times: The customer is always right.  In my business and in my brand – the customer is HAPPY! 

Being right and being happy are two different meanings!  However, if done with passion and care, when the customer is happy then the customer is usually right!  Win! Win!

How do make sure your customer is happy?  You LISTEN.  You take detailed notes. You remember the little things. You make sure the bride who wants her ceremony in front of those beautiful windows gets her vision just the way she wants it!  She’s happy!

What about the customer who ask ten questions everyday about his upcoming event?  His ten questions are important and necessary to make the surprise party for his wife a huge success.  When men give their wives a surprise party, my heart melts and I appreciate his effort as well as the love he has for her.  Because at this point, it is very evident!  I make sure I answer every question with an answer or a solution.  Then I watch to see who has the bigger smile at HER SURPRISE PARTY.  She smiles and he glows!  His efforts and questions were necessary to give him peace and happiness during their party.  When it is over, they were both happy!

Now let’s talk business. When corporate books an event to hold business meetings, you have expectations as well. My goal is to make sure they attend the event with minimal tasks as possible.  The necessary audio visuals are ready for presentations, fresh flowers are on the tables, inspirational notepads, sharp pencils are ready to take notes for their company.  The little things add up to a big picture of happy customers!

Listen. Answer questions. Do the little things. Make certain of everything they need!

Can you do this in any business?  Of course you can!  I did this as first grade teacher. I made sure my customers, my parents of the students, were happy and satisfied with the service their child received in my classroom. 

How do you know if your customer is happy?  You ask for feedback.  Follow-up after the sale, to see if they had any suggestions or input on how to make your product better.  Once again, LISTEN!  Take action and put these suggestions into place.  It matters. Your customers make your business – not you!

Customer Service is essential to building your brand, but most importantly building the relationship with each customer.  I can own a venue and love my venue everyday.  But you see…nothing magical will ever happen in the venue without customers!  So, I bust my booty and love from my heart to make sure each customer is happy…and if they are happy then I am happy!  Win. Win.

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